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An International Master of Science Program

We have a route for your studies here in the centre of the most rapidly growing region in Northern Europe. This opportunity can open completely new views for your life and career development. The Master of Science degree programme for internationally oriented students prepares you to meet the global career challenges in integrating wireless and wired communication electronics utilizing the next revolution in microelectronics and System-on-Chip Design. The programme has its roots in 25 years of research and education in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. The education is based on the latest research at Lund University and also carried out by world-class researchers. Welcome to join us in the next system integration revolution!


Course plan

International Master of Science program in System-on-Chip (Two year program)


Course plans for related programs

System-on-Chip for E-students (Corresponding to one year)

System-on-Chip for Exchange students (One year program)


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